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We have a different intercooler kit available to suit a few specific bull bars that have over sized internal mounts and brackets that interfere with Our normal intercooler kit piping.

This version is made to suit the Nissan factory bull bars for all series of NP300 that may or may not have the forward located factory winch cradle and Carbon winch.

Other winches may require modification to piping and bull bar brackets.


The bull bars listed below are better suited to the bull bar specific kit:

  • Nissan Factory Bull Bar 2015-current
  • Nissan PremCar Warrior Bull Bar 2022-current
  • Jungle 4X4 Bull Bars
  • EFS XCAPE Bull bar

These bull bars require a completely different intercooler pipe setup that has a more complex arrangement to pass around all the brackets and mounts in the way.

Bull Bar Specific Intercooler Kit Click here

Shown below is the internal mounting of the factory Nissan Bull bar that is the same as the PremCar Warrior bull bar with out the winch cradle and winch


Hammer Bull Bars – Are NOT recommended 

We do not recommend Hammer Bull Bars for relocated and upgraded intercooler kits.

The Hammer Bull Bar requires the most extensive time to install an intercooler kit due to the internal reinforcement bar requiring extensive grinding to remove enough material for pipes to have clearance to fit through between the bull bar internal reobar and the lower radiator supports.  There is not enough room to fit any form of piping through here with out cutting away the reobar.

The amount of material that must be removed could compromise the strength off the winch mounting. It is unlikely a winch will also fit with the intercooler.

Images below show the cuts required drawn on the reo bar.

The egr water pump mounts extensions brackets that are part of the Hammer kit will need to be removed and the pumps lowered back into to factory location. Other wise the pumps are where the intercooler goes.

The corners of the bull bar mounts need to be cut away as well as they are hugely over sized and in the way.