Dyno Remap 


(We do most diesel makes and models including trucks)

What happens when you bring your vehicle to CRG Diesel Tuning?

You drive away in an improved vehicle.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect:

  • More Power

  • Better Throttle

  • Increased Fuel Economy*

*Actual fuel economy results depend on your individual driving style.

CRG Diesel Tuning focuses on late model common rail diesel engine tuning, including diesel trucks. Our tuning software enables us to alter the factory ECU data using OBD2 to remap the fuel, timing and boost maps. There is no need to splice the factory harness, there is no need for plug in modules, chips or interceptor devices used to trick the ECU into pumping in more fuel. 

OBD2 remapping is a safe and reliable way to remap your vehicle while keeping all factory ECU engine protection parameters and your factory harness in tact. 

On average we see 30% gains in horsepower and Torque. Some Nissan Navara NP300s can make up to 60% more power and Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series 4.5TDi V8 can make up to a staggering 80% more torque.

We health check every vehicle prior to running it on our Mainline 2WD Dyno. If all is fine we then commence the tuning procedure.

See for yourself why so many drivers across the East Coast of Australia are taking their vehicles to CRG Diesel Tuning. Experience the benefits and message CRG Diesel Tuning to book an appointment today!

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