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PWR Advance Cooling Technology
Australian Made

Nissan Navara NP300 Intercooler Relocation Kit

Racer Series Core $450 Extra
(Install / Postage Extra)

Suits Nissan Navara NP300 D23 Single Turbo and Twin Turbo 2015 + 
Including the NEW 2021 Nissan Navara D23 NP300 Facelift
 - Available for standard and 2" body lift
   - Intake temps improved by up to 40 degree in 
extreme environments
Winch and bull bar compatible*
   - Plug and play for a relatively easy DIY home install with basic tools
- CRG / PWR Custom Collaborated Designed Intercooler

Proudly 100% Australian made and owned
We are the only company that offer a Nissan Navara NP300 D23 Hot Pipe for both single turbo and twin turbo models


Currently we have an est. 10- 14 week wait from PWR on all intercooler kits.

Extra delays may be experienced due to on going material supply shortages

To secure your intercooler kit, a $500 deposit is required to lock in the next unit from the PWR production line, then we can organise final payment prior to shipping or at the time of fitting.

Please click here to see our deposit cancelation policy


Please make sure to stipulate if you have a bodylift at the time of ordering other wise a non body lift kit will not fit.

At the time of writing we are the only company that offer a Nissan Navara NP300 hot pipe for both single and twin turbo models.

We developed the dual 'o' ring hot pipe for the Nissan Navara NP300 RX single turbo hot pipe.

Please let us know your model as the twin turbo hot pipe is not the same as the single.


Where did our Navara Story begin?

From day dot of owning his own Nissan Navara NP300, Chris couldn't handle the factory intercoolers lacking ability to cool the intake air temperature. Within weeks of owning Chris developed his own relocation kit to move the factory intercooler from down low behind the factory bash plates to up behind the main grill to sit direct in full air flow with away from bash plates and bull bars.

Chris worked with PWR Australia to set a custom size intercooler core with custom end tanks that were specific to suit the application to maximise the size of the core and airflow through the grill, with one major difference to any other kit, it was designed for CRG only.

It had to stay high enough to maximise flow, but allow room for a winch cradle inside the front bumper bar, which you can see on the CRG Nissan Navara parts page, it also suits most aftermarket bull bars and winch installs.


CRGs on going development has led to 5 revisions of the piping kit that comes in the relocation. Designed for unmatched reliability and flow, 100% compatible with factory connections using our own custom CNC billet aluminium couplers diesel specific high wear resistant seals, high quality silicon joiners and world class hose clamps.

Through our R&D process we can proudly say that we developed the first dual 'o' ring hot pipe for the single Nissan Navara NP300 RX owners to be able to also offer them the same quality kit as their twin turbo big brothers. 

The Australian made PWR intercooler is engineered to increase power and improve fuel economy in your Nissan Navara NP300 D23 by reducing intake temps and maintaining the low temps though all driving environments.  With the factory intercooler it is very common for the intake temps to exceed 100 degree C in even medium load environments, with our upgrade using the PWR 68mm core relocated we have seen a maximum average of 15 degree over ambient which has a far superior recovery rate than others we have tested. 

Our test have both been conducted with a true dyno fan replicating highway wind speeds and not just using work shop fan/s. Beware incorrect fans can show inconsistent ambient temps when testing.

- Australian engineered & manufactured

- Custom CNC billet aluminium couplers

- CNC machined billet aluminium outlets used throughout with unique ribbed design helps eliminate hose blow-off issues seen on other kits.

- 5-Ply Silicone hoses

- World Class JCS Hi Grip Stainless Steel Clamps

- DIY kit install taking approx 3 hours to fit



Hi-Grip stainless steel worm drive hose clips have become the industry standard for demanding applications throughout the world due to their exceptional quality and performance. Used as a standard requirement for the World Rally Championship and World Rally Cross.

Made entirely from 18/8 marine quality stainless steel and with Lloyds Register Approval, they are ideal for salt water and other highly corrosive environments. These clamps out last, out perform any clamp we have seen.  Please do not look at them and think a T bolt style clamp is better. Quite simply you will be wrong in making that assumption, these clamps have over triple the clamping pressure of any other clamps we have used.


PWR Performance Products are making full use of the laws of physics, developing several of the most efficient intercoolers in the world. PWR use a revolutionary seamless rounded leading edge tube design throughout the manufacturing process. These tubes have an integrated internal fin with a straight through design, which improves heat transfer for less pressure drop, resulting in higher flow and reduced lag time. PWR intercoolers are individually hand manufactured using 12 FPI (fins per square inch) and can be custom designed by in house design division or simply just replace your current OEM system for better flow and performance.

PWR Intercooler Features

- Low restriction internal turbulators

- Leading edge tube wall thickness is efficient for strength

- Light weight

- World class TIG welding

- State of the art controlled atmosphere brazing process

- Race and street proven performance

- Hi-tech CAD design division

- Pressured tested and guaranteed

- Flow tested

- 100% Australian Made & Owned

PWR Street Series Core vs Racer Series Core?

The PWR Racer Series core is statistically up to 60% lighter and 8% more efficient due to PWR's extruded light weight tube design. This helps lower temps even quicker again especially in low range driving start stop, eliminating the need for fans and fancy gimmicks. Regardless of which intercooler you choose, fans are not need with either one of our Nissan Navara NP300 intercooler kits. Is it worth  $450 difference?  If you want the best of the best from the best for your car, then yes the Racer is the way to go!


(Same applies to full cooler kit)

PWR core.jpg
Competitors Core.jpg

This highlights that thicker isn’t necessarily better. As you can see on the thermal camera images that an entire corner of the competitors "larger" core wasn’t seeing charge air flow velocity, with the lower section doing all the work. This goes to show certain claims of fans and larger cores are nothing but gimmicks and sales pitches.

Testing, testing and more testing gives PWR the data to succeed. Race teams demand offical data and that is why PWR leads the way in success.