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We are unable to take anymore orders for 2020.


Ford 4.0L Barra

Standard High Mount T4 or

V band

Internal or External Wastegate

Suits up to GTX47

-Single Scroll $1290

-Twins scroll $1390

-Twin Scroll Twin Gate $1590

Ford 4.0L Barra

Pro Mod Forward Mount

T4 & T6 or V band

External Wastegate

Suits up to GTX55

From $1550 

-Twin Scroll $1950

-Twin Scroll Twin Gate $2150

Nissan RB DET


T3 & T4 or V band

Internal or External Wastegate

Suits up to GT42

-Single Scroll From $1290

-Twin scroll $1390 

Nissan RB DET


T3, T4 & T6  or V band

Suits up to GTX55 

-Single scroll From $1550

-Twin Scroll $1950

-Twin Twin Gate $2150

Nissan RB20/25DET

GTS-R Replica True Twin Pulse

Internal Wastegate

Suits up to GT30/76

Can fit GT35 with custom changes

From $1700.00 

Twin Scroll

Ideal for Dual Wastegate

$150 Extra on High Mount Manifold

$500 Extra on Pro mod

-Large Runner

40nb Upgrade $160 

EGT Ports 

For Exhaust Gas Temp Sensor

Stainless Fittings with Caps

$40 each fitted

Other manifolds not shown:

4 Cylinder:  4G63, 3SGTE, 4AG-TE plus more

6 Cylinder: 1JZGTE, 2JZGTE, TB42, TB45, TB48, 

8 Cylinder: LS1-2-3-A available as passenger side only or complete.

We do require your car in our shop.

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