Holden Colorado RG Throttle Body DURAMAX
Throttle Body Holden Colorado
Duramax Throttle Body


2012+ Holden Colorado RG Throttle Body Pipe PRICE $350


Holden Colorado Throttle Body Pipe

Holden Colorado RG Duramax owners this ones for you.

After many months of rnd and constant delays due to COVID we bring you a new product release.

The all too common issue with the 2.8l Duramax engine with the throttle body pipe popping off or throttle body pipe plastic / holden revised rubber splitting.

Guaranteed this will not blow off and leave you high and dry.

No one wants to be left stranded on the side of the road while on your family trip away on Fraser Island / Bribie Island / Moreton Island...

- Australian Design

- Billet CNC Dual O Ring Design

 - Billet CNC High Grip Fitting

- 2.5" Throttle Body

- OEM Bolt On Design

- Fits 2012+ Holden Colorado RG 2.8l Duramax

Holden Colorado CRG PWR Intercooler
Holden Colorado CRG PWR Intercooler


CRG / PWR Intercooler Replacement 

2012+ Holden Colorado RG

 PRICE $950

Racer Series Core Upgrade Extra $450


Holden Colorado Intercooler Kit Replacement Specs

This is a custom PWR core with end tanks and outlets specifically designed for CRG. It is a direct bolt on and replaces the smaller & poor plastic tanks the factory intercooler has.

Chris worked with PWR Australia to set a custom larger size intercooler core with custom CRG only end tanks that were specific to suit the application to maximise the size of the core and airflow through the grill, with one major difference to any other kit, it was designed for CRG.

Our testing showed around 10 deg rise above ambient temp across the whole range. This is a large improvement over standard considering we would see well above 80 deg with a factory cooler.

On top of our own testing these tanks have been extensively tested time and time again from PWR so the name speaks for its self really.

- Billet CNC High Grip Fittings

- OEM Bolt On Design

- Fits 2012+ RG 2.8l Duramax

- Improve Intake Temps by up to 40 deg in extreme environments

- Fits Between Most Aftermarket Trans Coolers

   - Plug and play for a relatively easy DIY home install with basic tools 
- CRG / PWR Custom Collaborated Designed Intercooler
- Proudly 100% Australian made and owned

What is the difference between the PWR Aero 2 core & the PWR Racer Series core?

The PWR Racer Series core is statistically up to 60% lighter and 8% more efficient due to PWR's extruded light weight tube design. This helps lower temps even quicker again especially in low range driving start stop, eliminating the need for fans and fancy gimmicks. Regardless of which intercooler you choose, fans are not need with either one of our Nissan Navara NP300 intercooler kits.